About Us

EduLabPlus brings innovation in education for learning complex concepts through the support of necessary prototype demonstrations and support methodology to strengthen the entire learning process.

We Understand
The Problem

The aspiring Indian students are very limited to access and grab the opportunities due to their limited awareness and industry exposures; the current education support system is not up to the mark for making the students future ready.

The Solution

As a first step, we provide rightly guided approach for students in learning any complex concepts. And in the long run, we EduLabPlus aimed to provide solutions to the entire stakeholders of educational ecosystem which ultimately lead to the nation-building and human excellence.

Do It Yourself

We simplify the conceptual learning by just DIY to enable the children to think about WHY?

Children will start exploring
Why birds fly but we cannot?
Why does moon come with us while we move?

More importantly,
Why do I learn various concepts? why do I learn Geometry, Algebra, Matrices, Differential & Integral Calculus. Etc.. ?


EduLabPlus bring platform to explore the WHY in children's early life which will motivate their learning process

The role of the teachers is to activate children’s learning motivations. EduLabPlus helps the entire stakeholders by making the learning process an easy and fun way with lots of meaningful explorations.